St Joseph’s Primary School is open to all families who wish their child to have a quality education in a faith filled environment.

Families interested in enrolling students at St Joseph’s in the current or subsequent years are invited to complete an Enrolment Expression of Interest form. Please contact the School’s Office or click the link below to access the form. Once complete, submit it to the School Office.

General enrolments can be taken at anytime during the year. Enquiries can be made through our school office and an appointment with the Principal and a school tour will be arranged.

Prep enrolments are also taken at any time however St Joseph’s has a focus on these enrolments between February and August each year.

​While we will endeavour to place all applicants, the following selection criteria shall apply, listed in priority order, in the event that there are more applicants than places available:

  1. Siblings of current students.
  2. Baptized Catholic children living within the Parish.
  3. Catholic children from non-Catholic schools whose residential address is in the parish.
  4. Catholic children who reside in other parishes and who have not gained enrolment in their local parish.
  5. Children from families who belong to any Orthodox Church.
  6. Christian children of other denominations whose parents demonstrate a positive commitment to the Catholic ethos.
  7. Children whose parents desire and are committed to a Catholic Education for their children.

​Enrolment Procedures

Enrolment enquiries and applications are welcome at any time. Parents seeking to enrol their child can access our Enrolment Application Form, found on our         Web-page page or through the school, by phone, email or in person.

Step 1 - Submit a Confidential Expression of Interest for Enrolment and other forms as listed: Birth Certificate, Immunisation Certificate, Baptismal Certificate       (if applicable), for each child. For Year 1 – 6 Enrolments include a copy of the most recent school report.

Step 2 - The School responds. The School will acknowledge receipt of your application and advise you of anything else required to assist in considering the application.

Step 3 - An interview is arranged. All enrolments to St Joseph’s School must have an enrolment interview with the Principal. An Application for Enrolment form must be completed by the parents or the legal guardians and all other forms as required to be submitted prior to the interview.

Step 4 - Accepting a place if your application is successful, the Principal will make you a written offer of enrolment.

You complete your acceptance of the offer by completing a Confirmation of Enrolment acceptance letter. This will ensure that we hold a place for your child/children for the following year.

Enrolment Handbook                                                                      Enrolment Policy

Parent Code of Conduct                                                               Student Code of Conduct