Learning and Teaching


St Joseph’s School students are placed at the centre of learning and teaching. Teachers use their knowledge of their students to create responsive learning and teaching experiences to cater for the diverse range of students' needs and learning styles.
At St Joseph’s, we believe purposeful and authentic learning occurs through:

    • The learner being actively involved in the learning process.
    • Inquiring into student interests and passions.
    • Hands-on and engaging learning environments.
    • Real-life learning experiences.
    • Involving students in decision making about their own learning.
    • Developing life-long learning skills.
    • Students taking responsibility for their learning.
    • Students managing themselves as learners, social beings and active citizens.
    • A community of learners.
    • Students experiencing and celebrating on-going success as learners.
    • Encouraging curious, independent and reflective learners.